Our Foundation will focus on two projects and activities that will run hand in hand throughout Africa.


Healthy Active lifestyle for kids:


It is our experience that network requirements in Africa always favour on the side of upliftment and inspiration, the Africa Sport Report fills that criteria.

One of the most important inserts of every show will be our focus on Kids Sport Academies. Africa Sport Report and our community foundation will focus on a variety of different sporting codes and projects in different African countries. Main aim of these weekly inserts will be to give exposure to sporting codes and grow the codes from grassroots up. We know all about the success stories of the Laureus Sport for Good foundation and the work they do all over the world.We want to do the same, but only in Africa where there is a massive need.

We want to become the media partner and platform to offer well deserved exposure to these academies and help turn kid’s lives away from the streets and towards the wonderful world of sport.

Creating a platform that will propagate the need, and empower kids in Africa to have a Healthy active lifestyle, is one of the main building blocks of our Africa Sport Report Foundation.




With our “Africa Without Waste” Campaign in mind, the only thing limiting this on our platform is “imagination”. We will run a “Collect Plastic” or “Recycle” initiative in the form of a competition. Schools and communities that collect the most plastic over a few months will receive a branded mini multi sports pitch.

Our local Reporter partners will be involved in this project giving regular updates, filming collection, doing a weigh in of collected plastic. For exposure opportunities branded bags and T shirts will be used during these clean ups. The result of this positive initiative is turning a wasteland into a branded sports facility for kids that they can be proud of, and more importantly, have directly contributed to.

Want to lend a helping hand?

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