about africa sport report


About Africa Sport Report.

Africa Sport Report is a 26-minute monthly television show featuring sports news and features from around the African continent. The series is shot by Africans in Africa for Africans. Research has shown us that there is nothing like this series in the Pan African market place at present.

We have established a network of crew and sport Reporters in 40 African countries that gives a very local insight into events that are happening on a monthly basis that would never normally get the exposure and the recognition that they deserve. These events and sport activities all highlight the fact that Africa has a wealth of undocumented Sporting events and codes.

The Africa Sport Report team produced a promo to establish if the African networks would have an appetite for such a project. Due to the overwhelming feedback we moved forward with the production of a full 26-minute episode to highlight the breadth and depth of the unique content available.

This resulted in the on-going signing of many major African Television networks, state broadcasters, Free to Air, OTT, DTH, VOD and Pay Per View platforms in multiple territories keen to broadcast the show on a regular basis resulting in an initial 100 million + audience.

The Team

Africa Sport Report was founded by South African Dewald Visser in 2018. As a sport nut, and owner of Television production house Rat Race Media he started in 2002, his passion for sport  enabled him to launch Africa Sport Report. Over the last 16 years he has been active in producing  content for local and international broadcasters specializing in sport.

Scott Grigor Steward who owns Click Boogie Media, the first Independent TV distribution company in South Africa joined the Africa Sport Report team, to form a formidable partnership.

Prior to launching Click Boogie Media in 2000 Grigor successfully managed the global TV Sales of FIFA World Cups, Spanish League Football, Wimbledon Tennis and numerous other sporting codes.

His relationships with hundreds of TV networks worldwide, combined with the sport production knowledge at Rat Race Media makes this duo a perfect match to take sport television broadcasting to the next level on the African Continent.


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