The Show

Africa Sport Report Show:

The 26 minutes Africa Sport Report monthly Magazine TV show focusses on a variety of sporting codes, events and interviews from the African continent.


Kids Academy Insert:

Every episode will showcase a different Kids sport academy from a different African country.


Event Report:

Reporting on sport events taking place on a monthly basis is the core element of our show.


Sport Star of the week:

With African sport stars making their mark on local and international platforms, we look into the lives of these athletes who succeeded turning sport into a livelihood.



Our News inserts concentrate on the latest of sports activities from the African Continent.


Sport Travel:

We travel to different African Countries to give feedback from travel related sporting quests and achievements.


Sporting Code:

Introducing new and traditional sporting codes to our viewers is one of our favourite monthly inserts.

My Soccer Nation:

Lets have a look at the different soccer loving Nations in Africa.

Coach Talk:

We chat to coaches of National teams of a variety of sporting codes.

International Results:

We focus on the results of the international games played in Africa in the last month.


Test your sport knowledge with our sporting Quiz.

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